Biomass Conversion Technologies Into Power (1)

Biomass is a renewable power source that has high adequate energy content material. A number of technologies to convert biomass into electricity can be applied, such as direct combustion, pyrolysis, co-firing, gasification, anaerobic digestion, landfill gas, and modular systems. This technology will be described as follows

Direct Combustion

The case of direct combustion of biomass into heat has been done by ancestors since the million years ago. Roberto Hroval They burned wood, leaves for cooking and warm the physique. Right now, we have a lot much more effective technologies to generate heat through this biomass. A number of power plants applied this technique of direct combustion to produce steam.

Initially, biomass burns in the combustion chamber to heat boiler and produces steam heat. Steam will be streamed into steam turbine and connects to the generator and make electrical energy.

Direct combustion technique can be seen in some plant that uses sugar cane bagasse from sugar manufacturing method. Steam engine produces electricity using steam heat, which rotate the generator wheel. The electrical energy developed, send partly to sugar plant operation and employee's residence.

Direct combustion technique is seen much less effective than other methods. This is caused by the size or volume of biomass that is not uniform. Densification procedure is applied to this strategy to enhance efficiency. The positive aspects are increase energy and calorific worth per unit volume. Densification procedure generally occurs in biomass waste such as straw, utilised lumber, shells of coffee, chocolate, pecan, corn waste, and cassava and Jatropha Curcas waste.


Pyrolysis is a thermochemical decomposition procedure in reactor with no oxygen at higher temperature. The merchandise are liquid, strong and gas. These items can be converted into electricity by means of a distinct way.

Internal combustion engine makes use of liquid fuels to make energy such as gasoline motor or diesel engines. To generate electricity, this machine must be connected to the generator. Strong pyrolysis item or named char is converted into energy by way of direct combustion process as described above. Meanwhile, gas or named synthetic gas produces electricity by means of a gas turbine.

Today pyrolysis procedure has reached fascinating stage and is identified as quick pyrolysis. This approach occurs in quick situations which means boost speed of rise temperature. Via this strategy, it could generate oil solution 75% greater than standard pyrolysis. Several organizations adopted biomass quickly pyrolysis approach to obtain more benefit than conventional process. Converting 250 tons per day biomass material through fast pyrolysis produces 50 tons of oil. It is equivalent with 314 barrels fossil oil.